AV Agile Software Development

In 2010, a new contender stepped onto the Panamanian financial scene: a Broker/Dealer poised to become the country's leading independent trading house. Its mission was crystal clear from the start: to provide a robust technological platform enabling clients to trade, hold, and structure a wide array of financial products. A decade later, this Broker/Dealer has not only achieved its initial goals but has also set a benchmark in Panama's financial history.

Understanding the imperative to stay ahead in an increasingly digital world, the Broker/Dealer team embarked on an ambitious project to redesign and enhance their web experience. In partnership with a cutting-edge tech team, they set out to develop a dynamic, multilingual front-end, with a strong focus on enhancing various critical security features.

The redesign aimed not just to elevate the web aesthetics and functionality but to completely revamp the client experience. One of the key challenges was ensuring a seamless visual and operational transition between the public webpage and the secure page, a task that demanded not only technical prowess but a deep understanding of user needs and behaviors.

Furthermore, the team tackled the challenge of aligning the platform with current information security standards, a crucial requirement in the financial sector. This involved integrating advanced features for the secure submission of client requests through the website.

A notable innovation was the creation of a new Account Statement feature, designed to provide detailed financial information while seamlessly integrating into the user's web experience. This tool became a hallmark for transparency and ease of use in the fast-paced finance world.


Laravel, Vue.js, Vuetify, MySQL


Banking, Insurance and Finance


Software and Cloud