World Spirits Mobile App

In 2021, Licores Mundiales, the esteemed Venezuelan organization renowned for gracing celebrations and special moments in Venezuelan homes, set a new standard in the Food and Beverage industry with the launch of its new mobile app. Crafted by LogosCorp, this hybrid app for iOS and Android has been a cornerstone in Licores Mundiales' strategy to revolutionize the sale of wines and spirits, establishing itself as the country's largest e-commerce entity in its category.

Since its market debut, the Licores Mundiales mobile app has seen a consistent uptick in sales, continuing the positive trajectory the company had been on since 2016. This success is credited not only to Licores Mundiales' extensive product range and competitive pricing but also to the app's user-friendly interface, designed to ensure seamless navigation and simplify the selection and purchasing process for users.

Beyond delivering an outstanding user experience, the app is distinguished by its cutting-edge features, such as order tracking and real-time notifications. These features keep customers well-informed about the status of their purchases, contributing to a more satisfying shopping experience and fostering brand loyalty.

The rollout of the Licores Mundiales mobile app has proven to be a triumph not just in terms of sales growth, which saw a significant percentage increase in monthly orders during 2020, but also in reaffirming LogosCorp's commitment to developing, maintaining, and expanding innovative digital platforms that meet the needs and expectations of modern consumers.


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