Plaza's Supermarkets eCommerce

In the vibrant heart of Venezuela, a family business emerged that would become a symbol of quality and service. Automercados Plaza's, with its 20 stores spread across Caracas, Valencia, and Higuerote, was more than just a supermarket; it was a place where Venezuelan families had been finding the best in food for 58 years. Known as a leader in the food sector, the company faced a new challenge: the digital era.

The LogosCorp team embarked on a unique journey by joining forces with Automercados Plaza's. Their mission was to create an effective network that linked the various services offered by the company, ensuring a seamless experience for both online shoppers and the internal team managing web data. The task was not simple, requiring numerous customizations, plugin developments, and the integration of Zona deleite courses, which could now be purchased directly from the website, generating independent billing from supermarket products.

In this tale of innovation, a second shopping cart was enabled, a clever solution that allowed for the separation of product and course transactions. It was more than just a website; it was an extension of the warm and friendly experience that Automercados Plaza's provided in its stores. Customers could now enjoy everything the physical branches offered from the comfort of their homes. They could buy quality products, enroll in cooking classes, participate in special events, and dive into the Zona deleite, all with an easy and accessible registration process.

Thus, Automercados Plaza's and LogosCorp together penned a new chapter in the history of retail in Venezuela, showing that tradition and innovation can go hand in hand, creating a world where convenience, quality, and customer experience always come first.






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