Atlantis University Web Portal

In collaboration with the team from the renowned agency El Autobús, we developed the web project for Atlantis University. Known for its humanistic and global approach, the university offers top-tier education in fields such as business, computer science, health, engineering, and education, among others. The goal of the website is to provide students, faculty, and visitors with a secure, efficient, and personalized platform for accessing university information and services. WordPress, a leading content management platform known for its flexibility and scalability, was used for its development.

Our aim was to create a web portal that not only enhances the online presence of Atlantis University but also boosts its academic reputation and attracts potential new students. Additionally, the portal seeks to increase the university's operational efficiency by reducing costs and time associated with academic management. The website is a strategic tool for Atlantis University, designed to help solidify its status as a leading institution in the educational sector.






Website and Cloud