Glutactive eCommerce

BioDose Pharma LLC, an industry leader in Dietary Supplements and a pioneer in the development of Nutraceutical Bioactive Complexes, is excited to announce the launch of its new ecommerce website, meticulously designed and developed by LogosCorp, exclusively featuring its GlutActive product line. This launch signifies a major milestone in BioDose Pharma's commitment to innovation and excellence in the health and wellness arena.

The new ecommerce platform, crafted on Shopify by LogosCorp, showcases the GlutActive product range, including GlutActive BLUE, GlutActive GREEN, GlutActive GOLD, GlutActive MAG, and GlutActive ULTRA C. These products, born from rigorous research, are tailored to meet a variety of health needs within the Dietary Supplements domain, reaffirming BioDose Pharma's leadership in the industry.

The unveiling of the GlutActive ecommerce site not only makes it easier for customers to access top-quality health solutions but also mirrors BioDose Pharma's mission to be a trusted partner on the journey towards a healthier tomorrow. The collaboration with LogosCorp in developing this digital platform highlights the company's vision of blending science, wellness, and technology to deliver the latest in nutraceutical advancements to its customers.






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