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Boost your business with a distinguished enterprise management system.

Zoho One is the most cost-effective CRM and ERP management suite on the market.

Here's what we can achieve for you:

  • Streamline marketing and administrative processes for reduced effort.
  • Enhance sales channels and customer service for increased revenue..
  • Implement business intelligence for greater organizational efficiency.
  • Consolidate all finance and human resources administrative activities for improved protocols and processes.

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We are official Zoho Partners

We offer the complete Zoho One implementation service.

At LogosCorp, we specialize in CRM implementation and seamlessly integrating it with your current ERP system to enhance business intelligence and automate sales processes. Our approach is focused on structuring and expanding your business through strategies that have been demonstrated to boost both revenue and profitability. We tailor a unique platform specifically for your needs, incorporating cloud-based solutions, bespoke CRM development suited to your organizational structure, custom enhancements, and seamless migration to a new CRM system that integrates flawlessly with your existing corporate systems.

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Complete Zoho Implementation Service

We offer a complete Zoho One implementation service.

Incorporating Zoho One into your organization means configuring a robust suite of over 40 interlinked applications to optimize a wide array of operations, from customer engagement and marketing to financial management, HR, and day-to-day operations. This cloud-based suite empowers your business to unify and automate processes, enhancing team productivity and cooperation.

The adaptation process includes tailoring the suite to your specific operational needs, seamlessly transitioning data from legacy systems, establishing automated task flows, and conducting comprehensive training to ensure your team is equipped to utilize the platform effectively.

Once Zoho One is fully operational within your business framework, it acts as an all-in-one solution, offering a cohesive overview of your company's functions, aiding strategic decision-making, and refining the efficiency of your business operations.

Zoho One Implementation Process

Scoping and Planning

Perform an in-depth review of existing business requirements and workflows.

Set precise goals for the deployment of Zoho apps.

Form a dedicated project group with specific roles and duties assigned.

Configuration and Personalization

Configure the basic structure of Zoho CRM, including creating custom fields, modules, and workflows that reflect business operations.

Customize views, reports, and dashboards to meet specific business needs.

Data Integration

Import existing data to Zoho applications from legacy systems or databases.

Integrate Zoho with other business tools (such as email, accounting software, customer support systems, etc.) for seamless operation.

Process automation

Create automated processes for routine tasks and workflows to enhance efficiency and maintain consistency.

Implement alerts, notifications, and automated replies to enhance customer communication.

QA and UAT

Perform extensive testing to ensure that all configurations and customizations work as expected.

Correct any errors or problems identified during testing.


Provide comprehensive training to the team on how to use Zoho effectively.

Ensure team members understand the benefits and learn to use new tools and processes.

Implementation and Deployment

Launch Zoho throughout the organization.

Monitor the transition and provide support during the initial adjustment period.

Maintenance and Support

Make adjustments and improvements based on user feedback.

Ensure continuous technical support to resolve problems and doubts.

Review Improve

Regularly monitor system performance and its impact on business operations.

Make periodic adjustments to improve Zoho's effectiveness and efficiency.

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Zoho Marketplace Extensions by LogosCorp

Marketplace Extension

This extension allows you to easily access and manage Magento orders in Zoho Desk. You can view customer order details, products, and status directly from Zoho Desk.

Marketplace Extension

This extension allows you to easily access and manage Shopify orders in Zoho Desk. You can view customer order details, products, and status directly from Zoho Desk.