Fresh Fish Overnight eCommerce

In a significant leap forward for e-commerce in the food and beverage sector, Fresh Fish Overnight announced the launch of its new website in 2019, developed by LogosCorp, marking a milestone in the online sale of fresh seafood in the US. This development represented a major step towards the ease and convenience of accessing fresh, high-quality seafood delivered directly to customers' doorsteps overnight. Leveraging the advanced Magento platform, LogosCorp successfully created a portal that not only faithfully reflects the essence of Fresh Fish Overnight's business but also overcomes the unique challenges associated with its business model and sales methodology.

The creation of the website faced several challenges, including a deep understanding of Fresh Fish Overnight's business model and the adaptation of its sales methodology to the digital environment. This effort involved meticulous analysis to ensure that sales units adjusted according to the product selected by the customer, thus ensuring a seamless shopping experience. LogosCorp successfully overcame these challenges, delivering a complete and functional product that not only met Fresh Fish Overnight's objectives but also significantly improved the purchasing process for customers.

With this launch, Fresh Fish Overnight reaffirmed its commitment to innovation and quality, offering its customers an accessible and efficient platform to purchase fresh seafood online, redefining how consumers access fresh and quality food directly from the sea to their table.




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