Fundación Pacífico eCommerce Platform

Fundición Pacífico, a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality valves, hydrants, and fittings in Latin America, has taken a significant step toward digital innovation by partnering with LogosCorp for the development of its new web portal. This collaboration was crafted to reflect the robustness and reliability of Fundición Pacífico's products, with Magento chosen as the ideal platform for its flexibility and ability to handle complex product structures and transactions. The result is a site that not only enhances the online shopping experience for its customers but also strengthens the brand’s digital market presence.

The project presented unique challenges, given Fundición Pacífico’s wide range of products and the need to effectively communicate their technical superiority and quality. LogosCorp focused on creating a user interface that was intuitive and user-friendly, simplifying the navigation and purchasing process for customers. Detailed product descriptions, downloadable spec sheets, and a highly efficient order management system were implemented, all within a framework that ensures security and reliability in every transaction.

The launch of the web portal marks a milestone for Fundición Pacífico in its efforts to digitize and optimize its business model. The new site has not only been key to expanding its reach into new markets but has also significantly enhanced operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. This digital transformation, led by LogosCorp, not only demonstrates Fundición Pacífico’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement but also sets a new standard in how traditional industries can move forward into the future by blending advanced technology with long-standing industrial expertise.




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