Denova Medical Web Portal

Denova Medical, Inc., a leader in the refurbished medical equipment market, has launched its new web portal developed by LogosCorp. Built on the Magento platform, this portal is crafted to meet the growing demands of the healthcare sector for strategic and sustainable technology management. With technological innovation and IT integration accelerating the obsolescence of medical devices, Denova Medical provides high-quality equipment at a fraction of the original cost, offering a valuable option for healthcare facilities looking to maximize the meaningful use of their health technology.

The portal not only showcases a wide range of refurbished medical and computer equipment, but it also sets a new standard in combined IT support, with Denova Medical being the first medical equipment refurbisher to offer such comprehensive service to its clients. "We specialize in fully outfitting healthcare facilities with high-quality medical and computer equipment at affordable prices," says a company spokesperson. Moreover, Denova offers significant savings of up to 60% on refurbished equipment, adhering to original manufacturer specifications and backed by a comprehensive warranty and liability insurance.

In a further effort to support its customers, Denova Medical has invested in the capability to manufacture aftermarket parts, perform part overhauls, and cross-reference components. This enables the company to continue supporting devices that might be deemed obsolete by others, highlighting its focus on reducing long-term costs and maximizing return on investment for clients. "Our sales engineers, who are educated in medical devices and extensively trained in product knowledge, are here to help you analyze the most cost-effective options for new, used, and reused equipment," adds the spokesperson.

With over 20 years of management experience, Denova Medical positions itself as a reliable and proficient source for complete turnkey product solutions that are guaranteed to meet the needs and budget of any healthcare facility. The launch of this new web portal is a testament to the company’s ongoing commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service, ensuring that Denova Medical continues to be an essential partner in healthcare technology management.




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