Lakflor eCommerce

By Lakflor

In 2017, the narrative of Lakflor Inc. took a pivotal turn with the launch of its groundbreaking e-commerce website, a digital odyssey steered by the creativity and expertise of LogosCorp. Established in 2015, Lakflor embarked on its journey in the food industry with a distinct vision: to foster well-being through high-quality, pure products. Venturing into e-commerce on Shopify was the next logical step for a company always striving to push the boundaries of what's possible, offering customers an online shopping experience as nourishing as its products.

The website's creation was more than just a development project; it was the embodiment of Lakflor's mission to be a beacon of health and wellness in the digital marketplace. The portal was crafted with an informative and corporate approach, mirroring Lakflor's stature as an international raw material supplier. This new digital realm was not just meant for sales but to narrate Lakflor's story, engaging with users and potential customers through the richness of its portfolio and the depth of its expertise on products like Pure Stevia.

The 2017 website launch of Lakflor was more than just the unveiling of an e-commerce platform; it was the next chapter in Lakflor's saga of innovation, quality, and commitment to consumer well-being. Developed by LogosCorp and powered by the robust Shopify platform, the website not only amplified Lakflor's online presence but also redefined how a food and beverage company can interact with and enrich the lives of its customers in the expansive digital world.




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