Hispana de Seguros Web Portal

In a significant leap towards digitalizing the customer experience within the insurance sector, Hispana de Seguros unveiled its revamped website in 2018, a project spearheaded by LogosCorp, a frontrunner in digital solutions. This milestone represented a pivotal moment in the journey of Hispana de Seguros, which has been on a continuous quest for innovation and adaptation to the shifting market demands since its inception in 1997 and its focused entry into the insurance domain in 2004.

Drawing inspiration from the aesthetic and philosophy of Calder's mobiles, the design of the new website struck a balance between innovation and simplicity, embodying the agility, security, and trust that Hispana de Seguros stands for. Built on the WordPress platform, the site was crafted to serve as a purely informational conduit, where all user inquiries and requests are seamlessly directed to intermediaries, reaffirming the company's dedication to exceptional customer service.

The website relaunch aimed to:

  • Showcase the extensive array of products and services: Highlighting the strategic pillars of Property and Bond segments for the company's growth, while also acknowledging the significance of Automobile and Health insurance for their cash flow contributions and Hispana de Seguros' comprehensive value proposition.
  • Enhance user access and usability: Offering a clear and swift pathway to contact information and available services, thereby easing customer interaction and satisfaction.
  • Bolster intermediary tools: By promoting and facilitating access to online systems, thus supporting the efficiency and productivity of associated agents and brokers.

The website overhaul of Hispana de Seguros underscored the company's commitment to technological innovation and the continuous enhancement of customer experience. This launch not only solidified Hispana de Seguros' image as a modern and trustworthy entity in the insurance sector but also set a new benchmark for digital communication and services within the industry.




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