Ama de Casa eCommerce

In a world where beauty and comfort intertwine to create vibrant and colorful spaces, one brand stood out for its dedication and passion for transforming every home. Ama de Casa, with nearly a century of presence in the market, became a beacon of innovation and quality, rooted in fundamental values such as Creativity, Integrity, Positive Attitude, Solidarity, and Perseverance. Since 1955, this organization has been at the forefront of bringing not just products but experiences that enrich daily life to households.

It was in this context of relentless pursuit of excellence that Ama de Casa decided to take a bold step towards the future. In collaboration with LogosCorp, they developed an eCommerce website using the advanced technology of Magento, marking a milestone in how they connect with their customers. This new digital space became the portal through which Ama de Casa's exclusive designs and collections, inspired by the latest global trends in fashion and color, became accessible with just a click.

The launch of this platform was not just a technological achievement; it represented the culmination of years of effort and dedication to delivering the best of Venezuelan cotton transformed into the softest and most absorbent towels, and unique designs bearing the brand's signature. Each product available in the online store invited customers to immerse themselves in a sensory experience, where touching, feeling, and experiencing every texture and color became a journey of discovery and delight.

Thus, Ama de Casa reaffirmed its commitment to enriching the most personal and meaningful spaces, staying true to its essence while embracing the new possibilities that the digital world offered. This evolution marked a new chapter in its journey, where tradition and modernity merged to continue creating stories of beauty and comfort in homes. Ama de Casa, a symbol of innovation and style that invites you to touch, feel, and live every detail!


Magento and Zoho




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