Republic of Venezuela official Website

This was a historic launch as it was the First Web Portal of the Republic of Venezuela in 1997: A Pioneering Development by LogosCorp in Collaboration with the Office of Central Information (OCI).

In a technological milestone that marked the beginning of a new digital era in Venezuela, the country saw the dawn of its first web portal in the year 1997. This unprecedented achievement was made possible through the combined effort of LogosCorp, a leading web development company, and the Office of Central Information (OCI) of the Republic of Venezuela.

In an era when the Internet was taking its first steps in Venezuela and the web development industry was in its infancy, the launch of the Republic of Venezuela's web portal posed a monumental technological challenge. It was a testament to the country's commitment to embracing the digital revolution and providing a new channel of communication and access to information for its citizens.

This historic milestone not only opened doors to a new era of connectivity and access to information for Venezuelans but also established LogosCorp as a pioneering company in web development in the region. The web portal became an invaluable source of official information and government resources, paving the way for future technological advancements in Venezuela.

Today, we proudly remember the launch of this web portal that forever changed how Venezuelans interact with information and the government. The vision and joint effort of LogosCorp and the Ministry of Information under the leadership of the OCI left an indelible mark on Venezuela's technological history and opened the door to an exciting digital future.