Oceánica de Seguros Website

Oceánica de Seguros, a stalwart in the insurance industry known for its commitment to excellence and innovation, has successfully completed a significant overhaul of its web portal. This digital advancement was expertly carried out by LogosCorp, a company renowned for its digital transformation prowess in Latin America, with over 25 years of experience and more than 500 projects under its belt. The partnership between Oceánica de Seguros and LogosCorp was strategically focused on enhancing the site's accessibility and functionality to improve the user experience.

The redevelopment of the portal not only reflects Oceánica de Seguros' modern, customer-centric approach but has also significantly improved how users access insurance information and manage their policies online. Thanks to the deployment of a more intuitive interface and the integration of robust management tools, customers can now enjoy more direct and efficient access to the services they need. Furthermore, LogosCorp's commitment to delivering exceptional results was clearly demonstrated in the flawless execution of the project, ensuring that the portal not only met but exceeded the expectations of Oceánica de Seguros and its clients, reaffirming the company's leadership in the insurance market.




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