Del Monte Website

In a world where technology and nature intertwine to craft innovative solutions, a leading company in the fresh fruit production and export sector embarked on a transformative journey. Del Monte, with its expansive footprint across over 50 countries and a dedicated workforce of over 45,000 employees, faced the challenge of stepping into the digital age without losing the essence of its agricultural tradition that had been nurtured for over 40 years, especially in the fertile lands of Costa Rica.

In this context, the partnership with LogosCorp marked the beginning of a new chapter. Together, they created a web portal using state-of-the-art DotNetNuke and Flash technology, a platform designed not only to showcase their products interactively but also to share Del Monte's rich legacy in the Food and Beverage industry. This portal served as a digital bridge, connecting Del Monte's vast banana, pineapple, melon, and vegetable plantations with consumers, offering a window for customers to explore and purchase fresh produce with just a few clicks.




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