Quokka eCommerce

By Quokka

At the forefront of innovation and sustainability in the Food and Beverage industry, Quokka has emerged as a beacon of inspiration. At its core, the brand has embraced the mission to revolutionize the way people hydrate, merging style and functionality with an unwavering commitment to more sustainable practices. Each Quokka product is not just an item to consume; it's a statement of principles, reflecting a deep belief that hydration can be a rich and mindful experience.

With an approach that goes beyond the conventional, Quokka has ventured into the realm of material innovation to meet the diverse hydration needs presented by daily activities and various times of the day. This quest led the brand to explore and adopt a variety of materials, each chosen for their ability to offer optimal and sustainable solutions. The inspiration behind each design stems from nature itself, drawing energy and vitality from water as its muse, thus reflecting the pure, rejuvenating essence of life.

In this landscape, LogosCorp, in partnership with El Autobús Creative Agency, played a crucial role, acting as the architect behind Quokka’s online presence. Through collaboration with Shopify, LogosCorp not only created a virtual storefront for Quokka’s products but also designed an intuitive and engaging user experience that facilitates the connection between consumers and the brand’s philosophy. This meticulous approach to developing the eCommerce platform has allowed Quokka to expand its reach, successfully introducing its innovative vision of hydration to the American market.




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