KE Clothing eCommerce

In an era where fashion and technology increasingly intertwine, the launch of an e-commerce website becomes a window to the world for brands seeking to innovate and connect with their audiences on a deeper level. In this context, KE Distribuidora positioned itself at the forefront with a bold step towards digital transformation.

In collaboration with LogosCorp, a leader in digital solutions, in the year 2023, KE Distribuidora brought its e-commerce platform to life. This new portal, built on the solid foundations of Magento and Zoho, promised a revamped online shopping experience, specially designed for a discerning audience passionate about fashion for men, women, and children.

The debut of KE Distribuidora's online platform not only symbolized a significant advancement for the company but also reaffirmed its dedication to innovation and excellence in customer service. Inviting everyone to explore their new website, KE opened the doors to a shopping experience that promised to blend the best of fashion with the latest technological innovations.


Magento and Zoho




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