Sambil Online Marketplace

In an era where e-commerce is transforming the way we buy and sell, Sambil Online emerges as an ambitious project developed by LogosCorp. Since the project's inception in 2022, the team embarked on a mission to create not just an e-commerce platform, but an online shopping experience that would set a new standard in the industry.

With the vision of offering an omnichannel experience that would allow users, regardless of their previous online shopping experience, to easily find everything they needed in one place, the team faced a considerable challenge. The goal was clear: an intuitive platform with simple navigation that would ensure a positive experience for every user. To achieve this, a combination of cutting-edge technologies was decided upon. The backend was built on Zoho CRM, incorporating highly customized widgets and components, along with Zoho Catalyst and Node.js to ensure efficiency and security. On the frontend, Zoho Catalyst Hosting with React.js and the Magento e-commerce platform came together to create a seamless and engaging interface.

As the project progressed, the team encountered the complexity of integrating multiple services and ensuring a cohesive experience for both end-users and the internal Sambil Online team responsible for managing data on the platform. Extensive customization, the development of integrations with external providers, including shipping and payment methods, and the installation and configuration of multiple plugins were some of the challenges overcome with determination and creativity.

Ultimately, Sambil Online became a reality, marking the beginning of a new era in e-commerce. The platform stood out for its ability to offer an unprecedented online shopping experience, where advanced technology was leveraged to meet the needs and desires of users. This project not only met the initial expectations but exceeded them, redefining what it means to buy and sell in the digital world.


Magento and Zoho




eCommerce, Consultoría, and CRM