Dax Corporate Image and eCommerce

Dax, a prominent brand in the home products sector specializing in bathroom and kitchen essentials, has unveiled a complete transformation of its corporate image. This change, spearheaded by the digital agency LogosCorp, includes a redesign of its logo, reflecting a more modern and sophisticated vision that aligns the brand with current trends and customer expectations.

The overhaul wasn't limited to just the graphic image; it also extended to the interior design of its stores. This new design aims to create a more immersive and appealing shopping experience, showcasing the quality and innovative design of Dax's bathroom and kitchen products. The goal was to create spaces that resonate with the elegance and functionality of Dax products, offering customers an environment that reflects the brand's essence.

Additionally, Dax launched a new website as part of its revamp strategy. This site, also designed by LogosCorp, provides an optimized user experience, streamlining navigation and access to its extensive product catalog. This digital rollout not only enhances the brand's accessibility but also strengthens its presence in the online market, allowing Dax to reach a broader and more diverse audience.




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