On the first day of the 39th Annual CANTO 2024 Conference and Trade Exhibition, LogosCorp accompanied one of its most important Caribbean clients, Cable Bahamas. This event, which brings together operators, organizations, companies, and experts in the ICT (telecommunications) sector, serves as a crucial platform for discussing and addressing challenges and opportunities in the Caribbean region from a global perspective.

CANTO, a non-profit association dedicated to the advancement of ICT, plays a vital role in connecting key industry players, fostering collaboration, and facilitating knowledge exchange. This year, the conference holds particular significance due to the recent passage of Hurricane Beryl through the Caribbean islands, highlighting the need for resilient and effective telecommunications solutions.
In this context, we are especially proud to work alongside Sasktel, our strategic partner in providing solutions for telecommunications companies. Together, we are committed to offering innovative technologies and robust services that not only drive the development of ICT infrastructure in the region but also enhance disaster resilience.

Accompanying Cable Bahamas at CANTO 2024 provided us with the opportunity to showcase how the solutions developed by our team at LogosCorp are helping transform the telecommunications industry in the Caribbean. Our focus is on delivering value and security to our partners and communities.

One of the conference highlights was the participation of Franklyn Butler, CEO of Cable Bahamas Ltd., in the CEO Forum panel. Butler offered insightful perspectives on the ever-changing landscape of technology and innovation, emphasizing the importance of adapting and leading in a dynamic technological environment.

Additionally, Butler announced that Cable Bahamas Ltd. will host a regional cybersecurity conference this fall in Nassau, Bahamas. This conference will bring together local, regional, and international cybersecurity experts, as well as business partners, to discuss collaboration and ongoing preparations for a safe and secure digital world.

María Gómez