Pernod Ricard Multimedia, Interactive brand portfolio

Pernod Ricard, a stalwart in the global spirits market, sought to revitalize its brand communications through advanced visual technologies for its portfolio of premium brands like Chivas Regal, Something Special, and Royal Salute. For this purpose, they enlisted LogosCorp, a trailblazer in digital transformation with over 25 years of experience and a robust track record of more than 500 successful projects. LogosCorp was tasked with creating multimedia presentations, video pieces, and 3D animations that not only highlighted the heritage and exceptional quality of these brands but also captured the attention of a global audience across digital platforms and brand events.

LogosCorp’s team, leveraging their extensive expertise in technological solutions and as Zoho partners, developed a series of striking visual pieces. These included 3D animations showcasing the distillation and maturation processes that define the uniqueness of each beverage, as well as videos that narrated the stories behind each brand, emphasizing their legacy and commitment to excellence. The implementation of these multimedia tools not only enriched the product presentations online but also enhanced customer experiences during tastings and product launches, providing a deeper and more educational immersion into the culture of whisky and other spirits.

This project resulted in a significant increase in user engagement and brand visibility across international markets. The effective integration of new multimedia technologies into Pernod Ricard’s marketing strategy enabled a more dynamic and appealing narrative, resonating powerfully with modern audiences seeking authentic and richly historic brand experiences. With LogosCorp’s support, Pernod Ricard not only reinforced its position as an industry leader in spirits but also set a new standard in the presentation of liquor brands through digital innovation.




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