At LogosCorp, we constantly seek to partner with technology leaders who share our vision of innovation and efficiency. It was a pleasure to visit the SaskTel International booth at the CANTO 2024 convention. This event, known for bringing together major players in the telecommunications sector, provided us with the opportunity to explore cutting-edge solutions and strengthen key relationships.

SaskTel International: A Key Partner

SaskTel International has established itself as a crucial partner for LogosCorp, particularly for its connected OSS (Operational Support Systems) solution that we fully integrated into Zoho CRM. This integration is a game-changer for telecommunications companies looking to optimize their operations and enhance customer experience.

Innovation in OSS: A Connected Solution

SaskTel International’s OSS solution stands out for its ability to integrate complex operations with the powerful customer relationship management system of Zoho CRM. During our visit to the booth, we reviewed Sasktel's platform network management capabilities, rapid problem resolution, and better customer interaction.

Key Benefits of OSS and Zoho CRM Integration

  • Efficient Network Management: The integration enables real-time monitoring and more precise control of network infrastructure, reducing downtime and improving service quality.
  • Rapid Problem Resolution: By connecting operational data with CRM tools, support teams can identify and resolve issues more quickly, minimizing customer impact.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: With a unified view of network and customer data, companies can offer more personalized and proactive service, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The CANTO 2024 Experience

The CANTO 2024 convention was an excellent platform to interact with industry experts and learn about the latest trends and technologies in telecommunications. SaskTel International’s participation was particularly notable, showcasing innovations that are making a tangible difference in how companies manage their operations and customer relationships.

Looking Ahead

Collaboration with SaskTel International allows us to explore new ways to integrate their OSS solutions with Zoho CRM. This partnership not only strengthens our service offerings but also enables us to provide our clients with advanced solutions that enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Our visit to the SaskTel International booth at the CANTO 2024 convention underscores our commitment to innovation and the pursuit of technological solutions that drive our clients’ success. The integration of SaskTel International’s OSS with Zoho CRM represents a significant advancement in telecommunications management and customer experience. We look forward to seeing how this collaboration will continue to benefit our clients and transform the industry.

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María Gómez