E-commerce is a term that encompasses any transaction made through digital channels (from credit card cancellations to the popular digital wallets) to acquire a product or service through an online store. Today we share with you how you can take advantage of the 5 business models in e-commerce to reach your target.

eCommerce: 5 online business classifications

Ecommerce is the business model of the present and collective future of humanity, within the broad umbrella of electronic commerce there are 5 general categories of online businesses or profitable activities, these are classified according to their environment, participants, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

5 types of e-commerce

But... You must ask yourself, what types of electronic businesses exist? What is the potential of each one? How would it help me reach my target easier? We share the answers to your questions about e-commerce below:

Types of e-commerce:

  1. B2B eCommerce
  2. B2C e-commerce
  3. B2E e-commerce
  4. C2C e-commerce
  5. G2C e-commerce

1. B2B e-commerce

The acronym B2B is the abbreviation of business to business , its translation would be: business to business . Basically it is the business model that carries out commercial transactions between companies that operate online , that is, there are no interventions by end consumers. span>

This type of e-commerce is carried out between online businesses and is usually very common when the online store sells wholesale, distributes components or raw materials, which will later be used by other industries.

There are three modalities in B2B e-commerce:

  • The controlled market that only accepts sellers looking for buyers.
  • The market in which the buyer looks for suppliers.
  • The market in which intermediaries seek to generate a commercial agreement between sellers and buyers.

To be able to participate in this type of electronic commerce, it is highly recommended that you have experience in the market .

The relationship between the two digital organizations will obviously have as its main objective, selling the parts, raw materials and services that will help the consumer obtain the final product or service they want, however, that is another type that we will talk about later.

E commerce at this level reduces errors that may appear, increases efficiency in the sale and commercial relationship.

2. B2C e-commerce

It is known as business to consume r (business to consumer < /b>), is the most popular and most e-commerce stores use it. This style of e-commerce takes place between an online business and a person interested in purchasing a product or acquiring a service. span>

World spirits  is a clear example of this type of business, with its sale of spirits in Venezuela. So if you have an online store and loyal customers who buy your products, well, you belong to this type.

3. B2E e-commerce

The business relationship business to employee (business to employee ) this type of electronic commerce focuses mainly between an organization and its employees and is designed for what is known as » internal customers < span>«. It is very common in large companies that deal with different business structures, covered under the same parent company.

This type of electronic commerce has become a novel model among organizations to motivate their employees to compete with their performance, to achieve extra benefits.

4. C2C e-commerce

Its acronym stands for consumer to consumer, which can be associated, for example, when a person no longer uses a product and seeks to offer it for sale through a website.

Some of the advantages of this type of e-commerce are:

  • Reuse of products.
  • Purchases at lower prices and with unique offers in between.
  • Reach beyond a garage or patio.
  • It is important to note that most online platforms that provide these services are not considered online stores by consumers.

5. G2C e-commerce

When a government allows citizens to carry out their procedures online through a web portal , the well-known is carried out commerce government to consumer (government to consumer) .

 It is considered within the types of electronic commerce , since a transaction is carried out at the time of requesting a procedure and can be accessed to online information at any day and time.

These types of electronic commerce are the most used by users and you already knew that electronic commerce does not focus only on e-commerce , it goes beyond there. Even among online stores there are various ways to present an online business idea, a product or a service to the potential consumer.

Remember that the most original ideas have much more profitability and are found in better online businesses!

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Author: Álvaro Lafee

President of LogosCorp

María Gómez